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Back behind the wheel

November 22, 2011

Nancy Ackerson

I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Ludkowski today. He says I’m doing well enough to drive again! So of course, the first errand I ran was to go to get my handicapped parking sticker. After that I went to Jewel, and ironically enough there were no handicapped spaces to be had!

Although I’ve been given the go ahead to drive, I still am very cognizant of my hip precautions. I’m so happy to be doing all of my usual activities, but certainly do not over-extend myself.

I’ll be on blood thinner for another 2 weeks, and will be transitioning from in-home physical therapy to outpatient next week. My next appointment with Dr. Ludkowski isn’t until December 21st.

Just an amazing case

November 21, 2011

Laurie, NCH Home Health RN

Nancy’s progress since her hip-replacement surgery is nothing short of amazing. She’s been home less than two weeks, and is just doing incredibly well. I’ve rarely seen a patient progress this well in such a short time.

During my first visit with her, I looked at her incision, which is healing beautifully and looks really good. She has no pain at the incision site whatsoever. We had a brief review of her anti-blood coagulation meds and finished with a routine check of her blood pressure.

As much as I’ve enjoyed caring for Nancy, she’s doing so well that there really isn’t a need for me to check back in with her in the immediate future. Of course, she knows that she should call regardless of the question or concern. She’ll be continuing on with physical therapy in the home and is scheduled to see her surgeon, Dr. Ludkowski on Tuesday, November 22.

I’m doing everything — just slowly

November 16, 2011

Nancy Ackerson

Since being home, I’ve really got a routine down. I’m able to do everything I did before — I just do it more slowly. I shower without assistance, go up and down the stairs, and make my son lunch everyday he comes to visit. The biggest difference is that it’s all being done without pain. I just feel like a different person!

The nurse and physical therapist from Northwest Community Home Health have scheduled visits with me, which are going just fine. The nurse is helping me with a little adjustment to some meds, but no big deal there. And the physical therapist works with me on exercises that build endurance and strength. They’ve been so great!

60% walker use + 40% cane use = great progress

November 15, 2011

Diane, Physical Therapist, NCH Home Care

I saw Nancy today and yesterday, and she has a wonderful attitude and is very motivated to work on her PT exercises.

She’s especially good with “patient follow-through” after our sessions, which has kept any pain from creeping up on her. With many patients, physical therapy can bring on some discomfort, but if they’re diligant like Nancy is about “icing down” after exercise, the pain can really be held at bay.

Monday and today, we were mindful of hip precautions while sitting in a chair, standing at the sink, and lying in bed. It’s very important for the hip not to bend more than 90 degrees when doing these activities.

I also supervise Nancy and offer tips as she uses her cane to navigate the stairs in her house. She doing amazing with that. Right now, Nancy’s using her walker about 60% of the time, and the cane about 40%, which is great! Our target for the end of the week is to use the walker a little less, so that cane use is up to about 60%.

Home Sweet Home

November 13, 2011

Nancy Ackerson

My son brought me home today, and for the first time in a couple of  years I was in the house without nagging hip pain. The surgery is over and I’m pain free. It’s a great feeling.

Tomorrow I’ll start my physical therapy with Home Care from Northwest Community.

Cookies and Cars

November 11, 2011

Nancy Ackerson

The therapists at Claremont have been putting me through the paces, preparing me for the daily tasks I’ll be doing at home while still recovering from hip surgery.

Yesterday we made cookies so that I could practice bending and reaching the correct way in the kitchen. And then today, I actually went with the occupational therapist outside to her car so I could practice getting in and out of the vehicle.

The remainder of my stay will include more physical therapy, and by Sunday I’ll be home.

Miss Independent

November 9, 2011

Becky, Nancy’s Occupational Therapist at Claremont Rehabilitation

Since Nancy’s arrival here, she’s mastered using adaptive daily living tools like a “reacher” for picking up things from the floor and a “sock-aid” for putting on socks. In fact, she’s so independent, she took a shower today without any help at all.

Nancy plans on returning back to work at a local grocery store, so I’m working with her on picking things up without the use of a reacher. This is tricky, because she must not bend at the hip more than 90 degrees. Hip precautions like this one should be followed for 6 weeks after surgery.

She’s doing terrific!